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IURISTANBUL is a full service Turkish law firm. We are a results-oriented team of a lawyers working within a diverse practice area to provide high quality legal consultancy for both international and domestic businesses and individuals.

At IURISTANBUL, we emphasize creative and efficient solutions to business problems based on a thorough understanding of the Turkish and international legal system. We combine an energetic approach rooted in the highest ethical standards to provide effective and efficient legal services in Turkey.

Our mission is to offer legal counsel to clients who expect strict adherence to global standards of service quality and professional rules of conduct.

Legal Disclaimer:
The official site of BosphorusLegal Law Office and the information provided hereby are strictly limited to information purposes and do not constitute any formal legal or professional advice. It should not be construed a formation of a lawyer/client relationship. Therefore, readers should not rely on the information presented herein without seeking professional advice. The content of this website is gathered in compliance with the Business Ethics for the Lawyers and has been updated according to both the Regulation on Prohibition of Advertising, published by the Turkish Bar Association, the Law of Attorneys Article 55 and to the Code of Conduct for Lawyers in the European Union.